I love economics!  Ever since I received my first quarterly dividend from Coca-Cola Company at age 10, I have loved financial and global market logistics. I am a successful active investor in the stock market with experiences of both making and losing real money.  I have visited world famous financial-related institutions such as the NYSE and NASDAQ in New York, CBOE in Chicago, and the Lloyds of London Headquarters in England to assimilate their respective backgrounds, architecture, and history.

My name is Maximillian Yu. I am a senior at Hamilton High School in Chandler, AZ. Aside from investing I have a strong interest in music (particularly Electronic Dance Music). At age 12, I combined my enthusiasm of business with music and launched my own company called "Max's Mobile DJ Service."

What kind of businessman doesn't play golf? As a dedicated golfer since age 13, I'm currently the team captain of our school's six-time D-I State Championship varsity golf team and frequently compete individually on the junior golf circuit. 

Aside from dj-ing and golfing, I was also elected treasurer for my high school's National Honors Society. I also designed this website to present to the world JIL's achievements and lofty goals.

I created Junior Investors League in the summer of 2013 to give high school students a hands-on experience with trading and investing in the stock market.  Our ultimate goal is to not only expose students to the stock market in a risk-free environment but also teach them the basics so they can discuss financial topics and current events with others.  JIL hopes to prepare students for the real world and present a valuable preview of a possible career in finance.

Please browse around our website! Discover, learn, and seek out what JIL is doing today. I hope you will enjoy it!



Maximillian Yu 2015

Founder & President