The Cactus TrophY

What is the Cactus Trophy?

The cactus trophy is the coveted award given to the champion of the Junior Investors League Interscholastic Competition. In 2016, JIL will host its 3rd annual competition involving hundreds of high school students from the state of New Jersey, Oklahoma, Colorado & Arizona in the United States. 


  • 2017 Champions: Hamilton High School Huskies (Return: +18.53%)
  • 2016 Champions: Hamilton High School Huskies (Return: +21.87%)
  • 2015 Champions: Hamilton High School Huskies (Return: +38.56%)
  • 2014 Champions: Basha High School Bears (Return: +7.55%)

The facts

  • There is no cost to enter the competition
  • This Annual Competition is open to all High School students in the United States
  • The time period of competition is roughly January to May during most schools' 2nd Semester
  • Each high school competing member receives $100,000 in virtual cash to start their online stock portfolio
  • Students work with real market quotes, and will be able to monitor their status on a live leaderboard
  • A minimum of 5 students for each school is required to compete

Participating Teams