Personal Portfolio Competition (Hamilton High School Only)

The Golden Bull Award is one of Junior Investor League's highest honors given annually to Hamilton High School Students who compete and finish in the top three of  our 5-month long Individuals Competition.  Congratulations to the HHS Junior Investors League members who have won the Golden Bull award.


2017 Recipient

First Place: Brandon Hill (+25.79%)

First Place: Brandon Hill (+25.79%)



2016 Recipient

First Place: Zhengdong Wang (+49.67%)



2015 Recipients

First Place: Michael St. Onge (+96.3%)*


Second Place: Vineet Mahesh (+66.6%)


Third Place: Andrew Seo (+50.3%)


2014 Recipients

First Place: Jonathan Goh (+27.6%)

Second Place: Brian Luc (+23.3%)

Jack Reorda (+15.7%)

Junior Investor League Highest Return Record: $196,282.15 (+96.3%) by Michael St. Onge in 2015