Four SIMPLE STEPS to follow before you invest

STEP 1: Know Wall Street's Jargon (Vocabulary)

  1. The most well-known encyclopedia to define terms and people you don't know:
  2. JIL has a compilation of terms all investors should know to heart: JIL Lingo  

STEP 2: Keep up with current events

  1. JIL Official Facebook Page with regular updates on economic and financial news
  2. Bloomberg Business 
  3. CNBC 
  4. Marketwatch 
  5. CNN 

STEP 3: Research and Analyze Charts, Graphs, Reports, etc.

Use the sources above to search for stock quotes and information. Also, try Yahoo FinanceGoogle Finance, and MSN Money.

STEP 4: Invest with confidence. You'll never LEARN UNLESS YOU trade! 

Go to Junior Investors League's official virtual stock-investing platform: